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Technical helpline support for Sanyo customers

April 2004

Domestic & General specialist subsidiary, Inkfish Call Centres, has launched a dedicated Technical Helpline for Sanyo. The new Helpline will be a key part of Sanyo's customer service support - handling and resolving customer queries on the Sanyo range of brown goods products. Open 7 days a week, the Sanyo Helpline will be staffed by technically qualified staff who have the ability to receive and answer a wide range of technical or set-up problems.

"The Sanyo Helpline will be particularly important during the all-important first 30 days of product ownership," said Richard Lawson, sales director, Domestic & General Services. "Customers contacting the Helpline do so for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they don't understand the remote control, the instruction book or are having problems caused by 'finger trouble'. We will - using Sanyo products and manuals - talk them through the process and try to resolve the problem." Initial experience suggests that up to 60% of incoming calls will be successfully resolved.

As far as the customer is concerned, staff at Inkfish Call Centres are part of Sanyo. Staff on the Sanyo Helpline will have received thorough training by the manufacturer, that will be topped up at regular intervals, on all the products covered by the Helpline.

"Sanyo is the latest manufacturer to join the growing family of technical helplines we operate here at Nottingham for both brown and white goods manufacturers," commented Richard Lawson, sales director of Domestic & General Services. "There is no doubt that our technical helpines can bring real benefits to manufacturers, customers and retailers. Our helplines are resolving, first time,a high percentage of calls that could easily have ended up as un-neccesary refunds or wasted, expensive call-outs. That means, through the efforts of our technical helpine staff, the image of the manufacturer's brand doesn't suffer, the customer is satisfied and the retailer who sold the product is not exposed to non-productive calls."

Sanyo’s Director of Engineering & Service Division, David Brookes comments “We’re delighted to have signed this deal with Domestic & General for our new product line-up, the support line is there as an added service to the Sanyo customer. Our main aim is for any customer query to be solved first time, however we’ll encourage Sanyo purchasers to call as many times as necessary as we help many of them to move into the digital age”.